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Published by Cindy Melson, a qualified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

You’re Pregnant! Some practical guidelines

28th Nov 2018

    We all know that pregnancy is a time where a woman’s body experiences many significant changes which means that life can’t simply carry on the way it always has. During pregnancy you have to contend with morning sickness and weight gain, not to mention the tons of advice or guidelines you will be … Read more

Durban healthy places to eat South Africa

A guide to healthy eating in Durban

19th Jun 2017

Living a healthier lifestyle is definitely good for you – by making more nutritious food choices and getting more regular exercise your mind and body will grow stronger. Some of you will know about the many benefits that you will start to experience including having more energy, mental clarity, less bloating, improved skin and even … Read more

Are all carbs the enemy?

2nd Jun 2017

It’s common knowledge these days that many weight-conscious people avoid carbs. I have also been through my share of experimenting with low carb diets. And it’s clear that the low carb business is booming. There is a growing availability of low carb products available in dedicated food shops, and even supermarkets have latched on to the … Read more

Measuring Weight-Loss Success

5 different ways you can make progress on your weight-loss journey

7th Apr 2017

And no, weekly weigh-ins are not one of them… Over the years I’ve seen many people commit to improving their overall health and wellbeing by making lifestyle changes. The first two areas most people want to focus on are their eating and exercise habits. After all, there is no real secret to weight-loss. Most people … Read more

Could your goals be setting you up for failure?

27th Mar 2017

I think it’s safe to say that most of us think we know all about goal setting. I mean, chances are, no matter where we are in life, we are all busy working towards various short- and long-term goals at the moment. Whether you’re planning for an exciting holiday, working towards getting a promotion, or … Read more

The 7 secrets to mastering meal prep

17th Mar 2017

If your life is anything like mine, and it seems that it is from the recent survey I did on Facebook, you often don’t have the time to lovingly prepare your next meal. In fact, sometimes modern day life can be so busy with work, family and social commitments that you don’t even get the … Read more

How 12 week diet and fitness challenges set you up for future failure

10th Mar 2017

I recently did a road trip between Durban and Cape Town and somehow it made me think of one of these popular 12 week weight-loss challenges. Just like a body transformation challenge you know you are in for an uncomfortable short-term journey, but you also know you will get there in the end. You just … Read more

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