I help women get in the best shape of their lives...

...and escape the self-destructive "dieting" mindset.


Imagine if you had the body you've always wanted without crash-dieting, starving yourself or trying to stick to an exercise routine that is completely unrealistic...

What would your life look like if you weren't stuck in a cycle of failed diet plans, self-loathing, and negative self-talk?

If you're like 90% of "dieters", you're probably thinking this isn't possible - that there's no way you're going to be able to get to where you want to be without some serious "behaviour" modification. The kind that involves getting up at 4am and staying at least 3 store aisles away from where the keep the chocolates, OR ELSE…

I used to think like this for YEARS before I began realising I was never going to be able to change the way I behaved (I mean, binged on chocolate) if I didn't start changing the way I thought first.

By escaping all of the overwhelming, confusing and conflicting information I was being bombarded with, I finally asked myself what "being healthy" meant for me. I realised that it didn’t include things like crash-dieting, calorie counting, "detox" weeks, and "cheat" days. Those never worked and just made me feel worse. I was constantly chasing the next "solution" to the problem - which I believed was ME.

After years of feeling like a failure, of never quite "getting there", I realised that my version of being healthy meant escaping that feeling of not being "good enough" and actually living in freedom, the way I was made to be.

It meant living a life that didn't revolve around food, but revolved around loving me for me.

Once I shifted my perspective of what it meant to be healthy, it completely changed the way I viewed myself, and the food I ate. There was no more pressure to never eat a donut again, and if I did eat one I could enjoy the moment, and move on.

I finally started eating NORMALLY.

I made small, manageable changes to my lifestyle, routine and eating habits. And over time, my body changed. I lost the weight I had been battling to lose, and I toned up in areas I didn't think possible.

All whilst actually ENJOYING life, living in freedom and not stressing about sticking to my "diet".

Now my heart's desire is to show my clients that they are so much more valuable than they think, that they can do more than they expect and are WORTHY of living a life free from unrealistic expectations, self-loathing and negative self-talk.

As a Precision Nutrition ProCoach, I'm here to help you transform your body, your habits and your lifestyle, so you can take control of your own health and fitness. With over 10 years of training and coaching clients in fitness and nutrition, I believe that this program is THE BEST way to get the body you've always wanted and to keep it.

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